Transaction Management

B2B EDI Integration

Quickly enable and automate the direct exchange of administrative, clinical, and financial transactions with all your constituents.

Any-to-Any Translation

In-line translation allows you to work with any format and standard, in batch or real-time, maximizing adoption and reducing costs.

Transaction Editing, Splitting, and Parsing

Editing, splitting, and parsing can be customized per transaction, submitter (type, tax ID, etc.), target system, or any other combination streamlining your intake and distribution processes.

Transaction Orchestration

Profile-driven orchestration allows for complex, multi-enterprise, multi-datasources transaction management with customizable reports, alerts, and exception handling capabilities.

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Business Applications

Claims Exchange: Directly connect to your provider network to conduct administrative business improving service and reducing costs by eliminating intermediaries.

Clinical Lab Result: Intake any incoming file and translate it into your specific format for faster and more accurate reporting.

Acquisition Integration: Quickly and cost-efficiently integrate inherited back-office systems.

Patient and Member Cost-estimate: Enrich the standard eligibility/benefit transaction with valuable financial information for your providers.