B2B EDI Integration

Quickly enable and automate the direct exchange of administrative, clinical, and financial transactions with all your constituents.

Application Integration

Automate and streamline your internal business processes for better operational efficiency by leveraging PNT Data integration frameworks.

Multi-Enterprise Process Integration

Improve care delivery and administrative efficiency by sharing collaborative processes in the cloud with your network of partners.

Process-to-Process Integration

Connect and orchestrate multiple business processes to support new delivery and payments models efficiently without major system redesigns or upgrades.

User Interface Integration

Integrate business functions and processes in one, easy-to-use interface for better user adoption and efficiency.

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Business Applications

Cross-Carriers Universal Accumulators: Cost-efficiently synchronize and make available to the provider community patient deductible information.

Acquisition Integration: Quickly and cost-efficiently integrate inherited back-office systems.

ACO and PCMH Collaboration: Share and consume information securely and easily with ACOs and PCMH to improve outcomes and reduce cost of care.

Member and Patient Portals: Easily provide access to eligibility, benefits, financial, or clinical information to members through employers or provider portals.