Data Management

Data Migration, Consolidation, and Conversion

Quickly implement and execute your data conversion strategy with PNT Data.

Data Quality

Make sure the right data gets delivered to your systems in order to reduce rejections and improve performance.

Data Enrichment

To become meaningful, data often needs to be enriched or combined. Do this in process and in real-time with PNT Data.

Data Transformation and Routing

Make sure that the right data reaches the right system in the right format with PNT Data’s powerful transformation and routing engine.

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Business Applications

Clinical Lab Result: Intake any incoming file and translate it into your specific format for faster and more accurate reporting.

Claims Editing: Improve your first pass rate by improving claims quality pre-adjudication.

Patient and Member Cost-estimate: Enrich the standard eligibility/benefit transaction with valuable financial information for your providers.

Health Insurance Marketplace: Reconcile enrollment and premium data for improved member acquisition.