Remits and Payments

ERA distribution and payments coordination can be complex and convoluted processes. Not anymore on the PNT Data Platform: it does not require installation, capital investment, complex deployment, external system/device certification or support. Just turn it on and you will be able to:

Put the Data and the Dollars Together

Improve electronic payment adoption by coordinating ERA and EFT. Enrollment is simple and providers will no longer struggle to reconcile payments and remittance advices.

Distribute ERAs Directly to Your Providers ... the Way They Want It

PNT Data enables agnostic direct connectivity for unlimited ERA distribution. Providers have multiple options to receive their remittances including readable PDFs.

Save Money

Improve provider satisfaction and reduce service calls by accelerating payments, clarifying the explanation of payments and reducing stop payments due to stolen or lost checks.

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  • Unlimited ERA distribution
  • Custom parsing
  • ERA/EFT coordination for CORE III compliance
  • Powerful collaboration and analytics tools
  • Reduced paper and service calls
  • Improve EFT adoption
  • Improved provider satisfaction
  • Reduced operational costs