Eligibility and other real-time transactions are important communication channels between health plans and providers. Ideally, these processes should be efficient and streamlined, however, often they are tedious and error-prone.

Today, providers need real-time information “in-process” – they want verification to happen when the appointment is being scheduled. To manage the cost of care and improve outcomes, determining patient responsibility at the point of care is essential.

The PNT Data solution streamlines these processes and helps payers improve provider service, care management, and compliance. Delivered through both direct connections or a fully-hosted solution your member information is available to providers and partner at all times and how they need it, maximizing the the adoption of electronic transactions.

By leveraging the cloud and SaaS to enable direct connectivity and shared, intelligent workflows, patient information, and related transactions can move through the system in a clean and logical way so that all entities are on the same page and can offer synchronized, comprehensive, and proactive care.

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  • Flexible connectivity tools to maximize submitter adoption
  • Unlimited submitter connections
  • Managed API or fully-hosted solution
  • Powerful reporting and analytics tools
  • Improved provider self-service, reduced calls
  • Instant HIPAA compliance and accelerated CORE compliance
  • Improved provider relations through collaboration and self-service tools
  • Drive transaction costs down and no CAPEX needed