Compliance and Mandates

Since the Operating Rules Mandate went into effect at the beginning of 2013, many health plans have discovered that moving administrative transaction management to the cloud is a fast and easy way to save time and money. If you need to achieve compliance now and want to avoid costly fines – PNT Data can help.

PNT Data offers the expertise and the technology needed to simplify the compliance process for you. Our solutions act as an extension of payers’ existing systems by facilitating real-time inquiries and responses for eligibility and claims status.

PNT Data Hosted Services is an easy to use cloud-based technology solution that functions as a real-time transaction processing engine and a data-hosting resource on behalf of payer organizations.

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  • HIPAA/CORE compliant real-time healthcare transaction processing engine
  • Data hosting for real-time inquiries and HIPAA/CORE compliant responses
  • Unlimited connectivity tools distribution
  • End-to-end transaction monitoring and auditing
  • Lower operational and administrative costs
  • Quicker HIPAA and Operating Rules (ACA) compliance
  • Better provider service and improved relations