Clinical Lab Results

Collecting clinical lab results can be a complex, expensive and confusing task. It doesn’t need to be with PNT Data. Our Clinical Lab Results Solution is connected with many of the commercial labs in the U.S. to intake data in either HL7 or a proprietary format. We deliver the transactions to your medical management systems in a quality controlled format, which reduces your need to track and manipulate data.

Save Money

  • Connections and transactions are managed by our expert support team, freeing your internal resources
  • Automating the intake of your lab results lowers operating costs
  • The PNT Data SaaS model significantly reduces your IT investment and need for technical expertise

Save Time

  • Extensive dashboards, audit and reporting tools allow for quicker case resolution
  • Our team of experts helps you respond rapidly to new requirements
  • Agnostic approach to connectivity accelerates adoption from your partners

Improve Reporting

  • In-process data control and enrichment improves the quality of transactions
  • Custom validations streamline the intake process increasing acceptance rates
  • Sophisticated tracking tools guarantee the completeness of your clinical lab results reporting

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  • National laboratory network
  • Data normalization between labs and payer
  • Lab Results intake automation
  • Collaboration tools to manage lab result rejections and inventory
  • ACO and PCMH ready
  • Improved population health management
  • ALL Lab Results are collected for improved reporting results and HEDIS compliance