Claims Exchange

Claims management is often considered the foundation of health care administration. Processing claims, claim status and coordination of benefits (COB) involves complex technology, staff resources, and usually a lot of paperwork. PNT Data offers pre-built solution frameworks to simplify the process, manage claims easily and dramatically drive transaction cost down.

PNT Data helps with the entire claim process. Our platform facilitates collecting, cleaning, and routing claim files to the right systems. Powerful tools and applications provide transparency into the process which facilitates collaboration between payers, providers and partners to deal with issues faster. And finally, our solutions give you reporting and metrics so that you can identify and resolve any exceptions immediately.

PNT Data works with the nation’s leading healthcare payers on solutions that deliver the claim electronically to your claim systems. We will work with you to understand where the transactions are coming from and deploy a solution that effectively reduces this expensive paper channel with measurable results, making it easier to conduct business.

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  • Flexible connectivity tools to maximize direct submitter adoption
  • Unlimited submitters connections
  • EDI expert services for customized editing, transformation and routing
  • Powerful reporting and analytics
  • Expert front line support
  • Drive transaction costs to pennies
  • Less calls and reduced paperwork which means reduced operational costs
  • Better service to providers and partners with a simple and secure platform
  • Increased auto adjudication rates
  • Increased visibility into administrative transactions exchanges