Our modular solution and technical frameworks make it easier for you to rapidly address business challenges and opportunities, and for your constituents to conduct business with you—improving efficiency, and leading to stronger relationships and enhanced innovation.

We Help You

  • Reduce operational cost by bringing disruptive economic models
  • Improve service to providers and business partners
  • Quickly respond to evolving requirements and comply with mandates.

We help you adapt to the way your constituents do business. Our experience shows that when organizations attempt to “dictate” connectivity, communications or collaboration requirements, adoption is limited. 

We take an agnostic approach – allowing you and your constituents to work within existing business and technical environments. Information logistics for healthcare management ties it all together.

When we implement solutions for our customers, we incorporate four core operating principles, they must be:

  • Simple and more affordable to implement and use with interoperable tools and services enabling tracking and visibility throughout the transaction and information exchange process
  • Secure and reliable, exceeding security and privacy regulations and industry standards
  • Compliant and certified across standards and operating rules, including HIPAA, ANSI, NCPDP, HL7, W3C, SOAP, FTP, HTTPS, SFTP, EHNAC, and CAQH CORE Phase I and II
  • Extensible and scalable to support evolving requirements

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