Platform and Tools

Our platform enables you to access IT infrastructure and functionality to securely:


to a vast and diverse network of constituents to share and consume information securely


complex, multi-enterprise processes to improve efficiency and performance


with your partners and constituents in real-time to improve outcomes and reduce costs


Reusable Frameworks and Tools

Our modular frameworks allow your organization to rapidly address business challenges and capture opportunities through improved efficiency and enhanced innovation. This helps your organization become more flexible and adapt quicker to the way your constituents do business – making it easier for them to interact with you.

Our experience shows that when organizations attempt to “dictate” connectivity, integration or collaboration requirements, adoption is limited. That is why we take an agnostic approach – allowing your organization and business partners to work within existing business and technical environments. Information logistics for healthcare management ties it all together.

Our three classes of tools and services facilitate information logistics while eliminating complicated technical intervention.

Doodad® Connection Suite:

Enables “submitters” direct “one-to-many” relationships with multiple transaction receivers through acquisition, communications, security, routing, retrieval and reporting capabilities.

Doohickey® Integration Suite:

Enables “receivers” direct (real-time and batch) “many-to-one” relationships with transaction submitters through acquisition, communications, security, transformation, translation, validation, compliance, audit, distribution and reporting services.

Beancounterâ„  User Interaction Suite:

Provides “Transparency” tools and services improve accountability and facilitate collaboration between “submitters” and “receivers.”

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