Information Logistics for Healthcare Management

To thrive in today’s environment, health plans require a fundamental shift in the way they interact with customers, members, providers and vendors. Operational requirements to lower costs, improve results, and increase satisfaction warrant changes in processes and traditional solution partners.

Success in managing healthcare is increasingly about sharing information. Often, the information you need resides somewhere else and your constituents need access to information that resides with you.

Sharing the Information You Have - Getting the Information You Need

  • How do you access and share information?
  • Can your trading partners connect to you easily and consume information directly, or does it require accessing a portal or using intermediaries?
  • How are you leveraging basic transactions to package and distribute meaningful information?

The promotion of information and transaction standards as well as administrative simplification programs are streamlining the business side of healthcare.

  • Driven by reform and competition, healthcare information is becoming more readily available.
  • With the proliferation of initiatives that require collaboration and information access, such as health information exchanges (HIEs) and accountable care organizations (ACOs), the amount and composition of information being shared is dramatically on the rise.
  • Industry constituents need to establish greater transparency and accountability with one another to deliver enhanced efficiency and results.

At PNT Data we believe in making healthcare information liquid by removing barriers, bottlenecks and friction points to help information flow freely and securely among constituents. We call it information logistics for healthcare management – aligning the business drivers and specifications of information to ensure that you, your providers and other healthcare related entities can respond efficiently and cost-effectively to current and evolving industry opportunities and demands.

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