Make It Easier To Do Business With You

PNT Data is a simple, secure, compliant and extensible Cloud Services Platform for the exchange of administrative, clinical and financial healthcare transactions and information. Your Providers and Alliance Partners will be able to send transactions directly to your data center via the Web, with automated HIPAA validation and security.

Cut Costs and Improve Collaboration

Streamline Healthcare Transactions to Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency

Healthcare transactions are typically processed by a maze of local, regional and national clearinghouses. As transactions are transferred from vendor to vendor, they are repeatedly collected, reformatted, and transmitted – which drives up costs, delays and errors.

PNT Data replaces this outdated network, allowing you to extend your IT infrastructure into your network. Your providers will be able to submit transactions directly to you – easily and securely, without a clearinghouse in the middle.

Cut Your Transaction and Support Costs

This direct connection can reduce your transaction costs from Day 1, with continuing reductions year after year. The PNT Data system is simply more efficient and reliable, and PNT Data handles all provider setup and connectivity issues – to cut your support costs.

Improve Provider Service and Satisfaction

With PNT Data, your providers will receive faster confirmation, more useful reports and better service – for improved satisfaction.

Custom Validation = Cost Reduction

PNT Data can provide a closer match to your claim processing/adjudication specifications, with validation rules customized to fit your system. This improves auto-adjudication rates and reduces processing and support costs.

A Quick and Easy Solution for Every Payer and Provider

The PNT Data Healthcare Services Platform can handle payers and providers of any size, large or small. Your connection can be up and running in days – no changes are required to your existing systems.

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